[Microbiology] Killing MOLD: Need an informed opinion

Ian mold at prodigy.net
Sun Nov 6 16:00:53 EST 2005

We've been having problems with mold in our house. Can't find the source 
yet, but when I put a petri dish from the mold test lab out for even 10 
minutes it starts growing all sorts of mold. The lab tests for what type of 
mold it is, but I'm more concerned with what kills it. Most of the types of 
mold I've found have a coating on them (ranging from a powdery coating to a 
coat that looks like thick fur (see photo using link below) that resists 
water and just beads off any mold killer that I spray on it. Vinegar seems 
to kill almost any of the types of mold IF I can get it to penetrate the 
coating on the mold. Same for a couple of the enzyme based mold killers I've 
tried. The trouble is I can't find anything that will break through the 
coatings on the mold (especially the furry looking stuff) to allow the 
fungicides to reach the inner part of the mold, except for physically 
breaking the furry stuff by hand and then spraying it, but when trying to 
kill mold covering large areas, this isn't a workable solution.

Does anyone with a scientific knowledge of mold have any suggestion for what 
will destroy the "furry" coating on the mold so that the chemical or enzymes 
can get to the mold itself to kill it?


Any help is appreciated.

email me or see photo of the cultures at 
http://pages.prodigy.net/ianmcb/mold/ or post your answer. I'll check back 
every few days. 

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