[Microbiology] Donation of Equipment

Sarah Landig sarahlandig at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 19 03:55:10 EST 2005

I imagine that this great offer is already a done deal but I figured that it couldn't hurt to check and see...  I am not with any sort of organization, school, or research facility.  My name is Sarah, I am a 22 year old with a recently aquired passion for investigation of the microbial world.  My microscope is of horrible quality, purchased from the local flea market.  Anything would be better.  I have started taking photos through my microscope with my digital camera, and it actually works!  The set-up however is not very efficient.  Well, I hope that you have a lovely day, and that your equipment has or will have a good home to live in......My e-mail address is sarahlandig at sbcglobal.net drop me a note if you get the time. Thanks!
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