[Microbiology] aerobic plate count

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Mon Jul 2 08:23:40 EST 2007

Dear All,
  In US FDA/CFSAN- Bacteriological Analytical Methods Online,

"Aerobic Plate Count; Computing and recording counts (see refs 6, 8),  was stated " All plates with fewer than 25 CFU. When plates from both  dilutions yield fewer than 25 CFU each, record actual plate count but  record the count as less than 25 x 1/d when d is the dilution factor for  the dilution from which the first counts were obtained."  Refers to USP Microbial Limit Test; Total Plate Count Method, The  minimum dilution of the method is 1;10, so the minimum number of CFU is  < 25X10 (< 250)CFU.  How about Microbial limit testing of material that has microbial limit <  100?   Best Regards,    

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