[Microbiology] questions about a virus

Lin Andis via microbio%40net.bio.net (by linasmuch from gmail.com)
Thu Sep 4 11:54:57 EST 2008

I am confused maybe you can help me sort it out.

Has medical science ever found a "cure" for a virus? Any virus?  I know we
have vaccines for them=85 at least I think we do=85 isn't polio and smallpo=
x a
virus.  What about chicken-pox and measles and all those childhood diseases
that we get only once?  We are "vaccinated" by getting the virus and
creating our own antibodies (like the article said). Right?  And does all o=
this mean that we will probably not find a "cure" but rather a "vaccine" fo=

I hope I haven't ask too many questions, and hope I am email the right
person, thanks in advance for they help=85 if you aren't the person that I =
looking for; maybe you could put me in touch with someone that could answer
my questions.

Inquiringly, Lin
linasmuch from gmail.com

I found your email on this website

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