[Microbiology] Re: pH 3 Glucose yeast peptone agar medium does not solidified....

Menglong F. Yuan via microbio%40net.bio.net (by M.F.Yuan from gmail.com)
Sat Sep 20 06:36:28 EST 2008

On Sep 18, 12:27 pm, litnes <vaanie... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> Good afternoon everyone,
> I have a difficulity in solidifying the agar medium to pH 3. the agar
> that i used is glucose yeast peptone, the composition is as follows,
> 1. glucose - 5g
> 2. peptone - 5g
> 3. Yeast extract - 3g
> 4. Agar - 20g
> 5. Distilled water - 1000ml
> The agar was prepared as usual, but the pH was changed into a range,
> from pH 3 to pH 7. After autoclaving the media, the other medium with
> different range of pH is able to solidified, but the pH 3 does not
> solidified at all. It remain as a broth even the agar was added before
> this. In addition, the pH 4 medium is partially solidified, that means
> it shows the semi solid characteristic. I have repeated the
> preparation but it still give me the same result. I do not know what
> parameter that i have to change it now. Is i need to change the
> composition agar into much higher percentage?

I've met this problem before when I using TGY agar. I don't think
changing the composition agar into much higher percentage might do
effects. Why don't you use the phytagel instead of agar?

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