[Microbiology] Bacterial isolation

RUTH SIELE via microbio%40net.bio.net (by ruthsiele from yahoo.com)
Mon Sep 22 15:33:25 EST 2008

HI all,
Thank so much all for your constructive suggestions and advieces, it's alot to me.

As we all know, mebrane fouling is one of the main problems of the seawater and brackish water desalination plants. Thus, specifically my objective is to identify the type of bacteria in the brackish water sample that i collected. To do this:
1. I incubated 20mL of the brackish water, 30 oC
2. I added 10mL of the same brackish water and descard 10mL from the 20mL every 24 hr.
3. I kept doing this till I get turbid culture (for three weeks so far), but when I centrifuged it so that to extract the DNA, I couldn't get any pellets.
4. Thus, to check if I have any bacteria in the brackish water, I streaked them in LB plates, and I found two types of colonies (as I saw it morphologically), but there could be other bacteria in the culture which can not grow in the LB plates.
This was my problem. I really thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. And I look forward for more advices.

Thank you so much again,


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