[Microbiology] lipse project

siva prasad via microbio%40net.bio.net (by sivaamuthum from yahoo.com)
Thu Sep 25 11:15:12 EST 2008

Respected sir/Madam
                         I have planned to produe lipase enzyme from marine water (sea water).My works are as follows
       1.  optimization of diiferent media for the growth and production(2 liter) of lipase  enzyme
       2.Optimization of pH
       3.Addtion of precursor to produce more amount of lipase enzyme
       4.Isolation of bcteria from sea water
can you tell the spp and genus name of the bacteria from marine (sea water)
                     How do identify the lipase producing bacteria in the colonies
                     what is the selective media for that bacteria
                     What is the Bichemical test to check the lipase activity  
 I am waiting for your valuable reply


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