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On May 27, 12:15 pm, "Bumble B. Boy" <bumblebee... from mindspring.com>
> Hi all,
> I have run across a rather obscure reference to a bacterium isolated in
> 1956 that attacks Candida albicans, and I wish to obtain it.
> Akiba, T and Iwata, K. On the destructive invasion of a new species,
> "Bacterium candidodestruens" into Candida cells. 1954. Japanese Journal of
> Experimental Medicine. 24(3) pp.159-166
> I have sent a letter to the University of Tokyo, Dept. of
> Bacteriology(sic), but I suspect the authors may be retired or deceased. I
> have checked ATCC but it was never deposited there. Does anyone have this
> bacterium (pigmented gram negative  rods) or know how I can go about
> locating it? Please e-mail replies since I do not regularly read this
> newsgroup. Thanks!
> Allen
> ###
> Dear Allen,
> Did you ever get an answer? I saw the reference also in
> F.C. Odd's book "Candida and Candidosis: A Review a Bibliography"
> 2nd Edition. Let me know what you came up with.
> He thought perhaps from their description that it was
> probably a Serratia species.
> Later,
> Clarke

Dear clarke,
Did you came across Candida destructing bacteria anywhere else.I am
also in search for it.Can you please reply about this.Expecting your
reply.my mail id jeyankarunanithi from gmail.com

Jeyannathann Karunanithi

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