[Microbiology] can glucose and KCN be autoclaved together

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Where did you come up with the idea of autoclaving KCN  in the first place?  Both the ingredients should be cold sterilized through 02micron sterile filter units.  KCN should be kept cold since at room temp it gives out HCN fumes. A  stock solution of KCN should be prepared according to the final concentration needs, (you can easily make make a 2 to 4% solution (or up to approx. 0.6M)  in sterile distilled water cooled to 5-8°C, and perhaps further sterilize it as mentioned above.

Glucose or sucrose char/caramelize in the presence of any salt, but a low conc. sugar solution can be autoclaved for up to 15 min, and the caramelization doesn't seem to hurt the minimal media much.  But, please do not autoclave KCN!  BTW, also do not pipette the medium by mouth.  I had to say this.  We have been told to leave mouth-pipetting for the Culicids.

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Hi every one
Is it possible to autoclave KCN with glucose containing minimal medium

I read glucose carmelizes while autoclaving by reacting with amino acids.
So, glucose is always autoclaved separately and added to the required medium
after autoclaving.

Therefore I have a doubt wheather glucose will have any reaction with KCN If
I autoclave it together with the minimal medium?

can u please tell if u have any experience regarding this.

thank you so much in advance

have great days

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