Suggestions for PHYLIP

Sun Nov 25 13:52:00 EST 1990

I would like to see PHYLIP continue to concentrate on what
it is best at - distance and maximum likelihood methods.
This is especially true now that PAUP vers. 3 is due out
Real Soon Now for IBMs and clones.  I can live without
the graphics if the programs continue to be portable.
X would be nice but I expect it will be a year or two before
it is a standard available to most people.  Portability
would be helped if the programs were in C (sorry, I know
you don't want to hear that Joe).  Format translating
utilities would be handy, though I expect many of us have
already written our own.  Like Don Gilbert I sometimes
find the interleaved format a pain.  It is easier for me to
add and subtract species from analyses when the sequences
are in one-after-the-other format.  Could we have a toggle
for input format?  Thanks for asking Joe.
Richard Thomas, Molecular Biology Unit, Natural History
  Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

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