codon usage in sea urchins

Gribskov, Michael gribskov at FCRFV1.NCIFCRF.GOV
Mon Nov 19 20:26:00 EST 1990

Will Fischer asked

>Can anyone out there point me to a table of codon usages for
>SEA URCHIN EGGS?  For that matter, how about a good public-domain
>or shareware program for generating same?

It will be easier to respond to this question if we can get a little 
more detail.  For instance, what kind of sea urchin?  The literature
includes sequences from Parechinus angulosus, Echinolampas crassa,
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus*, Lytechinus pictus*, Psammechinus 
miliaris*, arbacia punctulata, Lytechinus variegatus*, 
Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, and probably others, although 
significant amounts of sequence information seems to be available only 
for those followed by '*'s.

Are you interested in overall codon usage, or usage of highly expressed 
genes?  Are you interested in codon usage of genes expressed only
in early development (i.e. eggs), or at any time in the life cycle?

Michael Gribskov
gribskov at

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