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In article <1991Jul23.172213.603 at> rcomarow at writes:
:>A successful Chimpanzee Human cross would make the idea that Humans had
:>evolved from Apes much more believable to some of the more than 50% of
:>this planet's population that still does not believe in evolution.  This
:>would reduce the control of religion and religious leaders over the minds
:>of people.  In time, this might prevent a war or two.  Also, Creationists 
:>would have a harder time keeping evolution from being taught in American
:>schools.  Children would get to spend more time on one of the most
:>fascinating of scientific theories.  This would get more kids turned on to
:Ah, but it's quite clear that people did not evolve from Apes, that
:instead we share a common ancestor.
:But, just think of the commercial possibilities.  We could create a 
:race of "Chimpoles" that could do all our menial labor, produce spare 
:body parts simply for the taking :-)

	Actually I had the same idea - the chimera breed would likely be
half way between chimp and human both physically and mentally (in terms of
intelligence). Such beings could have a lot of use - particularly if
fertile. Could cause societal problems though, and there would a lot of
scope for *bad* exploitation if things weren't watched... drugs testing,
dangerous environment (radiation?) work, space, organs, servants, etc.

	Practically doing the experiment wouldn't be so difficult.
It always puzzles me why scientists working in this field assume that
they're going to do their experiments in developed countries with a lot
of publicity, govt involvement and ethical committee debates. If you
go somewhere like Thailand, South America, parts of Africa, etc. then you
still have most of the technical support needed to perform biotech/genetic
experiments; and none of the bullshit from interfering religious nuts and
crank politicians (the sort of people who like ethics committees in short).
These places have no laws restricting such research - and don't put any
in place unless there's some kind of unwarranted publicity.

	The only problem is funding of course - but if someone's really
interested in doing this then I can't see it being that expensive - just
need a chimp, and some willing fertile woman with few scruples... There
are enough magazines/films around showing this sort of "perversion" with
actual women and animals, for it not to be too difficult.


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