>Human Chimpanzee Hybrid?

Tom Schneider toms at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Jul 17 20:34:56 EST 1991

In article <smith.679683350 at plasma> smith at plasma.harvard.edu (Steven Smith) writes:
>Dont you think that such an experiment would be so completely unethical
>(even in a testtube) that no one would ever try it, let alone publish
>it?  I wouldnt hold my breath on this one EVER being done, and would
>be very shocked to hear that it had.
>Steve Smith
>Harvard Genome Lab

As I understand, one can fuse a mouse to a human cell.  Most of the human
chromosomes are lost, leaving a few human chromosomes and mostly mouse.  The
technique it was useful for mapping genes (this was a few years ago - it may be
out of date now).  Now consider that one could put this cell's nucleus into a
mouse egg or perhaps fuse it with other cells of a mouse embryo and get (maybe)
a mouse that was partially human.  This is much easier than the other
experiment, and perhaps one could get the mouse to depend on large portions of
human sequence.  I think this was done to nude mice - giving them a human
immune system.

How are we going to deal with this ethically??  Do they have rights?

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