Hybrid mailing list (esp. Chimp Human)

Vincent Cate vac+ at cs.cmu.edu
Sat Jul 20 02:14:58 EST 1991

I am starting a new mailing list to discuss animal hybrids, chimeras,
and the likelyhood that humans and chimpanzees can cross.  If you 
would like to be on this list send mail to:

     vac+chimphuman-request at cs.cmu.edu

The list will be:

     vac+chimphuman at cs.cmu.edu

I will moderate this list.  I am not particularly interested in 
discussing ethics but will allow posts on this subject that add 
something more interesting than "I think this is unethical".

Discussion about animal hybrids in general or chimeras will
be welcomed.  I will maintain a list of known hybrids, how 
different the DNA is for each pair, how far back the two 
species had a common ancestor, and a reference.

I expect this to be a very low volume mailing list with the
possible exception of the first week or so.

  -- Vince Cate
     vac at cs.cmu.edu

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