Human + Chimp = ?

Bob Comarow rcomarow at
Tue Jul 23 12:22:13 EST 1991

>A successful Chimpanzee Human cross would make the idea that Humans had
>evolved from Apes much more believable to some of the more than 50% of
>this planet's population that still does not believe in evolution.  This
>would reduce the control of religion and religious leaders over the minds
>of people.  In time, this might prevent a war or two.  Also, Creationists 
>would have a harder time keeping evolution from being taught in American
>schools.  Children would get to spend more time on one of the most
>fascinating of scientific theories.  This would get more kids turned on to

Ah, but it's quite clear that people did not evolve from Apes, that
instead we share a common ancestor.

But, just think of the commercial possibilities.  We could create a 
race of "Chimpoles" that could do all our menial labor, produce spare 
body parts simply for the taking :-)


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