>Human Chimpanzee Hybrid?

Donald A. Lehn donnel at helix.nih.gov
Tue Jul 16 15:00:57 EST 1991

In article <1991Jul16.182911.5863 at mlb.semi.harris.com> rcomarow at hsscam.mis.semi.harris.com writes:
->>Dont you think that such an experiment would be so completely unethical
->>(even in a testtube) that no one would ever try it, let alone publish
->>it?  I wouldnt hold my breath on this one EVER being done, and would
->>be very shocked to hear that it had.
->>Steve Smith
->>Harvard Genome Lab
->rcomarow at hsscam.mis.semi.com

	I recall, from way back in my undergraduate days 1980-84, reading 
about and discussing this topic during an embryology course.  As I recall,
sperm from most organisms is able to penetrate and fertilize eggs from a 
range of other species.  This fertilized egg progresses through several
cell divisions, but usually dies fairly quickly.  I suspect that this is due
to the inviability of certain chromosome rearrangements.

Donald A. Lehn

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