Human + Chimp = ?

Vincent Cate vac+ at
Tue Jul 23 02:53:39 EST 1991

Rich Kliman
>In fact, if anyone can present a clear argument in favor of such
>research, given the FACT that some segments of society will be opposed, 
>I would like to see it presented. 

I will give it a shot.  

A successful Chimpanzee Human cross would make the idea that Humans had
evolved from Apes much more believable to some of the more than 50% of
this planet's population that still does not believe in evolution.  This
would reduce the control of religion and religious leaders over the minds
of people.  In time, this might prevent a war or two.  Also, Creationists 
would have a harder time keeping evolution from being taught in American
schools.  Children would get to spend more time on one of the most
fascinating of scientific theories.  This would get more kids turned on to

To a scientist who already understands evolution the result would have
little direct impact.  To a child with a Creationists father, this clear
and simple result could alter the rest of his life.

   -- Vince

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