Human Chimpanzee Hybrid?

Donald A. Lehn donnel at
Tue Jul 16 08:26:53 EST 1991

In article <1991Jul16.040531.24960 at> vac+ at (Vincent Cate) writes:
->So far, it looks like nobody has published about experiments attempting to
->cross a Human and a Chimpanzee.  Even just testtube experiments would be
->extremely interesting. 
->I would really like to know the results of this experiment.  If you have
->any leads, please let me know.
-> Unknown Hybrids    Diff DNA   MYSS         Reference
-> Human   Chimpanzee    <1%      ~6    No public scientific info, yet?

->   -- Vince Cate
->      vac at

	Just off hand I'd say that the chimpanzee might object to such
experiments. ;}

Don Lehn
donnel at

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