>Human Chimpanzee Hybrid?

Lee Altenberg altenber at TEER18.ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Mon Jul 15 23:06:39 EST 1991

For a real mad scientist scenario, I would anticipate that
human-chimp chimeras would be "viable"-i.e. capable of developing
through to at least the neo-natal stage.  This is an extrapolation from
other successful interspecific chimeras-the "geep" (goat + sheep) for 
example.  What kind of a life such a being could have would give one
pause.  Chimeras are produced by literally mixing together two
embryos at, say, the 8 cell blastula stage.  Problems of incompatible
karyotypes do not arise.
-Lee Altenberg
Dept. of Zoology, Duke University

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