Human Chimpanzee Hybrid?

Vincent Cate vac+ at
Mon Jul 15 23:05:31 EST 1991

So far, it looks like nobody has published about experiments attempting to
cross a Human and a Chimpanzee.  Even just testtube experiments would be
extremely interesting. 

There is less genetic difference between Humans and Chimpanzees than
between some pairs of species that can cross.  Several people I would call
experts have said that they think there is a reasonable chance that this
cross would work.  I found stories (legends?) of human ape crosses but
these were never well substantiated (see "Men and Apes" by Ramona and
Desmond Morris).

I would really like to know the results of this experiment.  If you have
any leads, please let me know.

Many people think that different species can not cross with each other.
This misconception is particularly common among Creationists.   In order
to help clear things up a bit, I am building a list of counterexamples -
cases where different species can cross.  In some of these crosses the
two species have a different number of chromosomes.

Here is my current list of pairs of species that can cross:

 Known Hybrids  Diff DNA  MYSS  Fertile      Reference 
 Baboon  Rhesus     ?      ?     ?       SW Foundation, TX
 Gibbon  Siamang    ?      ?     ?       ?
 Horse   Donkey    >1%     ?     No      Common Mule or Hinny
 Lion    Tiger      ?      ?     Yes     Jungle Larry's Safari
 Chicken Turkey     ?      ?     No      Beltsville Ag Lab 
 Wolf    Dog        ?      ?     Yes     Common
 Horse   Zebra      ?      ?     ?       U.C. Davis, CA
 Coyote  Wolf       ?     1-2    Yes     Smithsonian, 3/91 p. 77
 Leopard Tiglon     ?      ?     ?       Jungle Larry's Safari
 A-Bison E-Bison    ?      ?     Yes     ?
 Mallard Canada Goose
   "     Domestic Goose
   "     Mergansers
   "     Eiders
   "     Wood duck
   " At least 47 species                  Book-1
   ?     ?

And then the real question:

 Unknown Hybrids    Diff DNA   MYSS         Reference
 Human   Chimpanzee    <1%      ~6    No public scientific info, yet?

MYSS = millions of years since separation of gene pools
Jungle Larry's Safari is in Cedar Point, OH
A-Bison = American Bison,  E-Bison =  European Bison 
Detail on Horse+Donkey: Mare + Jackass = Mule, Stallion + She-ass = Hinny

If you have any info, or pointers to info, that would help me fill in 
these tables please send it to me.  I am looking for different animal 
species that can cross.  I am particularly interested in well known 
species that seem very different.  Also any Ape or Monkey hybrids would 
be very interesting.

   -- Vince Cate
      vac at

PS  I hear that their are hybrids in the following areas but do not
    have specific species pairs:

            lots of amphibians 
            birds in general
            aquatic animals that practice external fertilization

   Gray, Annie P.  1958.  Bird Hybrids/A Check-List with Bibliography.
   Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Farnham Royal, Bucks, England.
   Technical Communication No. 13.

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