Aligned 16S sequences, the REAL STORY

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Fri Jun 28 13:15:13 EST 1991

Robert Harper said:
> A WAIS search of LIMB with (16s rRNA says the following for SRRSD:
>    16S Ribosomal RNA Sequence Database
> nam.alt     16S rRNA; small ribosomal subunit RNA; 30S subparticle rRNA
> and the network contact is:
>     fox at uhrcc2.bitnet or fox at

Not any more.  The collection is superceded by the one available for
anonymous FTP at

Dr. Fox will refer any requests to me which I will probably ignore.
Also, those e-mail addresses no longer work, as that account was
closed two or three years ago.  These data are provided by Carl Woese
and co-workers as a part of an NSF award.

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