Aligned 16s rRNAs by email?

Robert Harper harper at
Thu Jun 27 08:19:28 EST 1991

C.Okelly at (C.J. O'Kelly) writes:

>Sandro Bonatto has recently posted a request for aligned (secondary)
>sequences of 5S rRNA for a phylogenetic study to be sent to him by email.
>We have a similar need for aligned 16s rRNAs, and would like to receive
>same by email.  Can anybody help?

A WAIS search of LIMB with (16s rRNA says the following for SRRSD:    16S Ribosomal RNA Sequence Database
nam.alt     16S rRNA; small ribosomal subunit RNA; 30S subparticle rRNA

and the network contact is:     fox at uhrcc2.bitnet or fox at

Rob "at your service" Harper

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