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Fri Mar 12 10:38:53 EST 1993

     I am very interested in the differences that exist between the
genome of the chimpanzee and the human genome.  I am an
undergraduate in biology at the University of Kansas, and therefore
have no mentor to question about where to get the information that
I am interested in.  I have some information, such as: the
chromosomes 4, 5, 9, 12, 17, and 18 each differ by a single
pericentric inversion, that chromosomes 1 and 9 have small
differences in heterochromatin content, and that chromosome 8
probably differs from a pericentric inversion (_Principles of
Genetics_, Gardner, Simmons, & Snustad).  I have only had an
introductory genetics class, but plan on taking Human Genetics next
semester.  I would be forever grateful if anybody out there would
be kind enough to email me any information on the subject.

     Thank you in advance.

     Kepler Miner <miner at>

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