Stephen Dryden's note on "directed" evolution

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Sun Mar 14 14:47:34 EST 1993

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> Dryden's note on Directed mutations is likely to produce the usual
> storm that is associataed with this topic, so I thought I'd set a few
> things straight from the beginning.

I have been following the subject very closely for the last years, and
I take this opportunity to ask a couple of questions. I am not an
experimental molecular biologist myself, so excuse my ignorance.

> (3)	Those mutations can occur in non-dividing cells, and are time-dependent,not replication dependent.

What does this REALLY mean? Does it imply that the genetic material is not
replicated at all? If not, doesn't it follow that mutants can only arise
through gene expression (something like Cairns' original proposition?)

> (6)	Selection-induced mutations have been shown to occur in at least 8
> loci in bacteria, and three loci in yeast.

I would very much appreciate such a list of all known cases. It is much
more reliable that an expert provides us a compilation, rather than each
one of us searches the literature.

> Barry G. Hall
> Biology Dept.
> University of Rochester

Thank you all,

Christos Ouzounis

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