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Joe Felsenstein (joe at wrote:
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: >My previous post, giving a long-winded algorithm, was sloppy. Here
: >is a more refined, simpler, shorter-winded approach. It sounds like
: >what I think Joe Felsenstein was suggesting, although merely flipping
: >around isn't enough.
: >
: >			with UNIQUE leaves
: >
: >Here's a strategy, followed by an algorithm:

: I hesitate to dispute with the originator of the well-known Adams Consensus
: Tree himself, but ...  my algorithm was for rooted trees.  For unrooted
: trees, though, couldn't you just root them on the branch to the alphabetically
: first tip (leaf)?  Then they would be uniquely rooted and one could use my
: algorithm of "flipping around" and it would be enough?

: Admittedly that is assuming there _is_ a branch leading to the first
: tip.  And that rerooting is an easy operation.

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I apologize for my myopia. I agree with both your rooted and unrooted 

I didn't hesitate to dispute (only slightly, I felt) with your post, I
wouldn't expect you to hesitate to displute with mine.

As I try to imagine rerooting programmatically, I see that it's a bit of
a hassle. Still, I agree that's the way to go.

Have fun,


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