How to handle Multiple Alignment Formats, etc, etc, etc...

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Mon Jan 23 09:19:17 EST 1995

In article <3fp50o$cr6 at> gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes:
>Readseq software can interconvert between most or all of the formats you
>mention (it doesn't have anything labeld ESEE or MEGA -- perhaps these
>programs use one of the other standard formats).  Readseq is build into 
>seqapp (mac) & seqpup (mac/mswin/xwin), but there are also stand-alone

Esee version 3. includes the output portion of Readseq plus support for 
MEGA, LWL85, LWL91 and Phylip (non-interleaved).  The only new input format, so
far, is GenBank.  In response to the original query,  sequences saved in the Esee 
.sav format can have an accession number as part of  the name field  and this may
remain hidden since  one rarely needs to print-out the entire 64 character
NAME field.

Although Esee3 is still under development it is a fully functional,  substantial 
upgrade  available via anonymous ftp (or gopher)  from 
(in the directory pub/esee).

Eric Cabot
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