Counter-proof against the molecular clock theory???

Jonah Thomas JEThomas at
Mon Jul 10 17:53:26 EST 1995

In <3trpco$sb6 at> Ludvig Mortberg 
<Agneta.Guillemot at> writes: 

>Can anyone figure out a way of producing counter- 
>proof against this theory? How would one go about  
>doing this? One way would be to find in an analysis of  
>relationships of species different evolutionary trees  
>when comparing different portions of the genome. I  
>belive this has been found. Another way would be to  
>find inconsistencies when comparing molecular data  
>with paleotological data. I think this has been found to.  
>Perhaps somebody can fill me in on this. Anyone know  
>other ways of producing counter-proof to the molecular  
>clock theory? Or proof of it for that matter. 

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