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>What evidence is there that genes whose products
>function together, and are unrelated in sequence, are co-localized in the 
>genome -- a la operonic genes in prok's? 
>Clearly, there are many examples of proteins that are known to be 
>components of the same metabolic pathway, but whose genes are no where 
>near each other. However, I wonder if there may be certain exceptions to 
>this rule. 
>Can someone shed light on this subject for me? I would appreciate any 
>thoughts you might have on this.
>Christopher G. Winter 
>grad. student 
>Columbia Univ.
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One of the best examples that i can think of (maybe because i work on them)
are the recombinase activating genes, (RAG) genes I and II.  they are one
the same chromasome, intronless, abutting eachother in opposite orientation.
they are present in all vertebrates, and absolutly essential for
recombination of antibody and tcr gene segments, and share 0 homology .  for
reviews see oettinger ma, shatz, d or baltimore, d  (initial discovery in
mouse),or bernstein rm, et al (discovery in most other vertebrates and
comprehensive review) in medline crossrefed with the word rag or recombinase.

regards, ralph

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