removing columns from phylip infiles

Eric L. Cabot elmo at helix
Wed Nov 15 11:43:03 EST 1995


  Under MS-DOS, you could use my editor Esee3 which has a delete
column function as well as the ability to output data files in 
the Phylip format.

Esee3 (Eyeball SEquence Editor, version 3.0) is 
available via anonymous ftp/gopher at: 
Look for the file esee3zip.exe in the directory pub/esee.

Alternatively, you could point your web-browser at:

For more information on Esee3 consult the archive mentioned above
or connect to my server at:

Note: The "elmo" server is usually only available during working hours,
US Eastern Standard Time.

Eric "providing essential services to his nation" Cabot

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