% GC content and 16S phylogeny

Jeffrey Lawrence lawrence at biology.utah.edu
Fri Aug 2 19:56:32 EST 1996

yes it is.  consult muto and osawa (1987) PNAS 84:166 (not completely
sure about page number)

while GC content of structural RNA genes is positively correlated
with GC content of the genome, much stronger relationships, in
terms of the degree of variation, are found in first and third
codon positions.

In article <32021451.41C6 at rpi.edu>
Scott David Kathe <kathes at RPI.EDU> wrote:
> Is the % GC content of the genone from a eubacterial species reflected in the % GC content of that organisms 16S rRNA
> gene or tRNA genes?  One person I've talked to says yes but can't produce a reference and another person says no but
> can't produce a referentce either.  I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with references either
> way.  Thanks.

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