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>     I never found Dennett to be lacking in knowledge of Biology.  I 
>certainly wouldn't make this accusation on the basis of reading the 
>(whole) book (slowly and carefully).  In fact, after reading the book, 
>struck me that an interesting course could be centered on "Darwin's 
>Dangerous Idea" and Weiner's "The Beak of the Finch."  This wouldn't 
>replace a comprehensive Evolution course for biology majors or graduate
>students, but, then again, these books weren't really written for that 
>purpose, were they?
>     Anyway, to the original poster: what's the harm in reading the 
>book?  It takes a while, but it probably won't be wasted time.

I liked the book very much, mainly because it shows clearly the tenacity 
with which people want to believe Darwinism is incomplete. It also shows 

Besides, it shows the power of evolution as an organizing principle 
across a wide range of subjects.

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