Darwin-Wallace Society

Wed Jan 10 11:55:09 EST 1996

As a part of our continuing commitment to furthering the public 
understanding of science at the University of Wales College of 
Medicine, we are setting up an evolution-based society for those 
actively working on, or interested in aspects of evolution in Wales. 
I am posting this as generally as possible, to let the widest 
possible audience know about this (and hopefully join in). Anybody 
who is interested is encouraged to reply to me Dyfed Lloyd-Evans at 
WSRDLE at CF.AC.UK. We are hoping to get both evolutionary biologists in 
Wales, paleobiologists with an interest in Wales and other interested 
parties togethet under the auspices of a single forum, which is also 
intended as a liaison with Schools and Colleges. Details of the first 
events are listed below. Please note that the web site is unlikely to 
be up and running until the middle of next week (18/19 January) at 
the earliest. 
        Thank you for your interest.
                            Dyfed Lloyd Evans,
                            Department of Surgery,
                            University of Wales College of Medicine,
                            Heath Park,
                            CF4 4XN,

As part of SET '96, the Darwin-Wallace society proposes to hold a day of 
seminars and presentations on all aspects of evolutionary biology on Tuesday 
19 March 1996, Insole Court, Llandaff. The aim is for an academic session in 
the morning, starting at 09-30 and running until 14-00, with a schools-
oriened session from 14-00 to 16-30 in the afternoon. The aim is to 
get evolutionary biologists, and those interested in Evolution in Wales 
together under the auspices of the Darwin-Wallace society, with the society's
first AGM to be held at the end of the day. 
     Registration for the day is stlg5.00, to cover lunch andd coffee. If 
either yourself, or one of your colleagues are interested in attending the 
event, and would like to give a presentation (either oral, or poster) please 
contact me at the numbers above, or by e-mail at WSRDLE at CF.AC.UK. 
       A further event for the Society in 1996 will be the first 
annual Darwin-Wallace dinner, to be held on Thursday 14 November 
1996, where we intend to invite a guest speaker from the field of 
evolutionary biology. If you would like further details of the dinner, or are
merely interested in the Society, then, again please let me know. 
          Further information on the Darwin-Wallace society and its aims and 
events can be found on our web page 

Proposed Itinerary for Science Aglow, 16 March 1996

09.00 Arrival and poster mounting.
09.30 Introductory Lecture
10.15 Distant relationships from protein structures D. Lloyd Evans, Surgery, 
10.45 Coffee
11.00 Evolution of Bioluminesence AK Campbell, Biochemistry, UWCM.
11.30 Evolutionary aspects of cell death ID Bowen,PABIO, UWC.
12.00 TBA
12.30 TBA
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Evolution for Schoolchildren (Introductory Lecture)
14.30--16.30 Schools Session
16.30 Coffee
17.00 AGM

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