Human eye color genetics

Jim Garey garey at
Mon Jan 15 07:23:36 EST 1996

A high school teacher called me the other day and asked about the 
genetics of eye color, particularly because one of his students has 
one brown and one hazel eye.  

  I recall Tommy Smothers was like that, and I had a dog like that.  
I know eye color transmission in humans is sort of Mendelian, but not 
quite,  and I cannot remember the details.  I looked through the 
indexes of the 10 or so genetics texts (I teach genetics) in my 
office.  Not one of them talks about the transmission of eye color in 

Can anyone direct me to a reference (it doesn't have to be a primary
reference) that would explain eye color genetics  in general and
explains how individuals can have two different colored eyes?

Thanks in advance,  Jim Garey

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