NA vs. AA phylogenies

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On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Ulrich Melcher wrote:

>      Is there software that can:
> 1) Given an amino acid sequence alignment and the raw nucleotide 
> sequences that translate to the amino acid sequences, produce a 
> nucleotide sequence alignment that is equivalent to the amino acid 
> sequence alignment; and/or
> 2) Given a nucleotide sequence alignment, translate the constituent 
> sequences into aligned amino acid sequences, so that the resulting amino 
> acid sequence alignment is equivalent to the nucleotide sequence 
> alignment?
>      If such software does not exist, should it?
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I have DOS software which will take an amino acid sequence alignment
(CLUSTAL format) and replace it with the corresponding nucleotide
sequences, presuming these are available.

The second job you describe is not generally possible, since nucleotide
sequence alignments do not observe codon boundaries.


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