Know any Evolution books?

golem at golem at
Wed Jan 17 09:56:39 EST 1996

I just found a posting titled 'Ahouse & Dennet 2d rejoinder' on the It seems that 
those two debated a couple of months ago and that this was a very delayed reply. Of course, I 
missed the old postings. Does anybody have them saved? It would be interesting for our thread to 
find them and exchange them. It is always profitable to follow the discussion of the people better 
equipped for detailed analysis then we are. In fact, after I first read and re-read the book, and 
painstakingly looked for errors, I went to a discussion group with a bunch of professors of biology 
and philosophy of science, who, with apparent ease, found ten times more inconsistencies than I 
did.  Also, some of those people  know him personally and have discussed these issues with him, 
read the book while it was still a manuscript, etc, so they knew what to expect and what to look 
for,  which I did not. So, lets continue with the thread in order to learn something and hopefully 
others will learn from reading us.

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