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Some references that I used for a research proposal (4th year undergrad 
level) are:
	Xia, X. 1995.  Body Temperature, Rate of Biosynthesis, and Evolutoin
			of Genome Siz.  Mol. Biol. Evol 12(5):834-842
	Cavalier-Smith. 1985.  Introduction:  the evolutionary significance
			of genome size.  pg.1-36

If you want more, I have lots.
Xia's was neat (very mathematical).
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: >>For some time now I've been interested in genetics (mostly with regard to
: >>evolution). Much of the reading I've done thus far has been at a layman's
: >>level (with some exceptions). I do not recall reading of replicating "junk
: >>DNA."
: >>I find this subject rather interesting and I was wondering if anyone might
: >>be able  to recommend some references on the subject.
: >
: >The best 'layman's' discussion of junk DNA I've seen is in books by Richard 
: Dawkins - who has several suggestions as to why it occurs.  Start with 'The Se

: Daniel Berman's response was cut - but his recommendation is solid.
: Start with "The Selfish Gene" and then "The Blind Watchmaker," both by
: Richard Dawkins.

: The gist of "The Selfish Gene" is that genes exist to propogate themselves,
: not the organism in which they inhabit. People, plants, Drosophila, have
: an inordinate amount of "junk DNA" because "junk DNA" wants to survive on
: its own. (In a blind, chemical fashion, of course.)

: Stephen J. Gould, the noted Harvard professor, has several good books, also.

: Don't be mislead by Dawkins' prose as "layman" material. Some of the ideas
: are obsolete (his comparison to computers, for example) but that's to be
: expected of a book first published in 1976. His scientific arguments are
: profound.

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