Human eye color genetics

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Sun Jan 21 23:48:13 EST 1996

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>Can anyone give me any clues about the following condition?  I'm 
>not able to find any information on it.
>There is a 45 year old male on CompuServe who posted photographs 
>of his eyes showing a closeup of his eyes.  The iris appears to 
>be dark blue and there is a lighter color, greenish-yellow around 
>the pupil and radiating outward.  He claims that this lighter 
>coloration occurred rather suddenly and recently, when he was an 
>Is this condition also a form of mosaicism?  Are you aware of a 
>mechanism whereby eye color could change in this way?
>mechanism whereby eye color could change in this way?  I could 
>even send you the photos (GIF) if you'd like.

I'm not an opthomologist, but I do know that any sudden discoloration is often
a sign of disease. What you describe reminds me of someone who's worn his
contacts a few weeks too much. Does this discoloration occur in both eyes? Or
just one? What is the radius of discoloration?

Most browsers and newsreaders will allow you to upload the image. Please do.

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