Non-recombining Chromosomes

William J. Etges wetges at COMP.UARK.EDU
Tue Jan 23 09:30:55 EST 1996

At 11:58 PM 1/22/96 +0000, John Osborne wrote:
>     I am a graduate student in genetics and I am studying the tiny chromosome
> of melanogaster.  I need to know if there are chromosomes in other species
>do not undergo crossing-over (besides sex chromosomes).  If you know of any
>chromosomes, please let me know.  Any references you might have would also be
> -John Osborne

        Of course...........please consult any of the earlier papers on D.
robusta (see Carson 1958 Adv. Genetics; Levitan, 1992 (in) Drosophila
Inversion Polymorphism CRC Press). Based on inversion studies, its quite
clear that certain chromosomes undergo little or no recombination. There
are linked pairs of inversions on opposite ends of the X chromosome that
are segregating in natural populations that are virtually always found
together on the same chromosome.


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