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In article <31004A7C.6EDC1F90 at>, Chris Barry <chbarry at> writes:
>I read on one of the newsgroups recently that man is one of the few
>mamals that don't produce vitamine C. There were a couple of follow up
>articles to the thread that seemed to confirm the statement. The
>statement has been bothering me since. I seem to recall that some people
>can produce vitamine C. Am I wrong? Are you aware of an article that can
>confirm/refute their statement? Thanks in advance.


 As far as I know, no human is capable of producing ascorbic acid, the enzyme
which we are missing for the completion of the biosynthetic [pathway is present
in the human genome as a pseudogene. Since it intiailly lost its function, it
has become a neutral marker, and thus has been subject to alot of nucleotide
substitutions. If i remember correctly there are a few exons which are
reasonably intact, but I would have to look it up. If you are very interested 
let me know.
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