Need clear valid evidence of transitional form

Matthew J. Brauer mjbrauer at
Fri Jan 26 00:34:50 EST 1996

billm at BIOTECH.UFL.EDU (Bill McKendree) wrote:

>Ed Rybicki writes:  "of?..

>        Im just an observer in this game, but It would seem to me that your
>bias has gotten in the way of objective science.  Instead of giving the
>"creationists" what they expect, such as the kneejerk reaction I just read,
>why not answer their questions like a scientist?  Give evidence and data to
>support conclusions, otherwise your science is not a science at all, but a

>Bill McKendree, PhD
>Florida Genetics

I'd generally agree, except that this kind of post crops up
regularly, and the posters don't seem to care to listen to the
answers. They're all published in multiple faqs, anyway. I think this
kind of post is more a provocation than a sincere request for

I doubt that astrophysicists have to continually give evidence for the
big bang in their newsgroups. Is it really 'bias' or 'kneejerk
reaction' to discourage flame-baiting by creationists?

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