Need clear valid evidence of transitional form

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Fri Jan 26 14:14:51 EST 1996

Ed Rybicki (ED at MOLBIOL.UCT.AC.ZA) wrote:
: > From:          billm at BIOTECH.UFL.EDU (Bill McKendree)
: > Subject:       Re: Need clear valid evidence of transitional form
: > Date:          25 Jan 1996 09:47:17 -0800

: > Ed Rybicki writes:  "of?..
: > 
: >         Im just an observer in this game, but It would seem to me that your
: > bias has gotten in the way of objective science.  Instead of giving the
: > "creationists" what they expect, such as the kneejerk reaction I just read,
: > why not answer their questions like a scientist?  Give evidence and data to
: > support conclusions, otherwise your science is not a science at all, but a
: > religion.

: I was asking what the poster wanted evidence for transitional forms 
: OF - otherwise his question was so broad as to be simply so naive as 
: to require considerable qualification before it could ba answered 
: meaningfully, or simply provocative.  Which I believe to be the case 
: judging by the personal reply I got.  It is not unscientific to ask 
: people to better define their questions, is it?

I didn't read your "knee jerk" response.  But here's mine:  YOU are a
transitional form...falling somewhere between where homo sapiens was and
where it is going.

The evidence is overwhelming...but as you say you can't present it all
without a specific question.  Unless your answer is: take a biology
course (which is also appropriate for such a general question).

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