[GCG] Calculating Evolutionary Distances, H

Lloyd Allison lloyd at cs.monash.edu.au
Tue Jan 30 17:24:59 EST 1996

galtier at acnuc.univ-lyon1.fr (Nicolas Galtier) writes:

>These distance computation methods differ in the evolutionary model they
>assume to correct for multiple substitutions. Attempts to compare the
>assumed models and to choose the best one for a given data set were made
>only recently (Works of Zarkikh, Yang and Goldman, Rhzetsky and Nei), and no
>standard answer can currently be given.

If you are interested in how accurate inferred distances might be:
   L.Allison, C.S.Wallace,
   The posterior probability distribution of alignments and its application to
   parameter estimation of evolutionary trees and to optimization of multiple
   J. Mol. Evol 39 418-430 1994

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