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Mathew Woodwark mathew.woodwark at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 30 10:12:13 EST 1996

Dear All,

I am trying to help someone with a phylogenetics problem and would welcome some 
advice. The person in question has a dataset of discrete characters (0s and 1s) 
which he has bootstrapped and would like to calculate a *dendrogram* with confidence 
limits on the resulting bootstrapped data using PHYLIP. I can't find a method in 
PHYLIP for converting his dataset to a distance matrix (and I'm not sure I want to!)

I have been looking at MIX, using the Wagner option, as this appears to be the most 
appropriate choice, but this will not give him exactly what he wants (branch 
lengths). Also, I was wondering if it is possible to run CONSENSE on the output from 
MIX (it looks like it should be, but I have yet to try it).

Any help appreciated


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