Chemotaxonomy of Isoprene Synthase

Paul Scholefield P.Scholefield at
Wed Jun 5 09:28:22 EST 1996


I have a list of isoprene emitting plant species. The emission is species
specific, however there are groups of species which exhibit this
phenomenon. The enzyme is located on the membrane of the thylakoid. It is
thought that isoprene is emitted in order to maintain membrane solubility
and protect the thylakoid membrane and ETC from light damage. Isoprene may
also accelerate the onset of flowering in species which do not actually
emit the gas.

I am interested in identifying any characteristics, either phytochemical,
evolutionary or ecological, which these species might share in order that
I may direct my research.

Could anyone suggest suitable software which could process my species
list, or even suggest a different approach?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Scholefield

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