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	Brian Foley <btf at> writes:
> Dear Sequencers,
> 	Yesterday I tried the UNIX (Solaris) version of
> SEQUIN, from the NCBI FTP site.  I was a bit frustrated in
> my first attempts at using it.  It had a problem redrawing 
> graphical scrrens.
> 	Today I downloaded the Mac version onto a POWER Mac
> and it works great.  I am not enough of a programmer to 
> know why the screen redrawing routines in the software
> perform so much better on one platform vs. the other.
	Are you sure you were testing the same version. On our
Sparc/Solaris, I never notice such troubles. Just try to reinstall
the new sequin on the sun (compiling with dynamic libraries from
the NCBItk could help). This should really work fine.


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