Help with Phylip

Tom Fagan bombadil at
Mon Mar 9 18:02:34 EST 1998

I was wondering if any kind soul out there could help me with a dilemma. 
I have used the software in the Phylip package to generate some phylogeny
data, using in the following order, Seqboot (100replicates), protdist,
neighbor, consense.  The trouble is that the output from consense doesn,t
give any branch lengths and when I draw the tree with TreeView although
the scale bar appears it is obviously meaningless.  Now the output from
neighbor does have distances but 100  of them, it seems that in making a
consensus tree this data does not get carried over, yet I have seen
publications where the same applications were used and the nice little
scale bar appears on the tree.  How is this scale calculated? Am I doing
something wrong, - anyone got any ideas,


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