Completion of the Greening Process website

C. A. Rebeiz crebeiz at
Wed Mar 18 16:40:34 EST 1998

The preliminary work on the Greening Process
has been completed. From this point on, updates will consist into keeping the 
various topics up to date. The web site now consists of  menu-driven
reviews of the Chlorophyll  a and b Biosynthetic Pathways, an Sections on
Botanical fallouts,  
Development of Photobiotechnologies, Sequenced Enzymes of the Chl
Pathway,  Sequenced PSI, PSII, and LHC-apoproteins, and Historical synopses 
about the Chemistry and Biochemistry of Chl . For the past seventeen months, 
the web site has received about 9900 visits.

Double Click on the "GREENING PROCESS" link to get there.

Have fun.
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