Problem with Large Consensus Tree

Mary K. Kuhner mkkuhner at
Fri Nov 13 19:16:31 EST 1998

In article <72i4ek$f48 at>,
David Kerk  <dkerk at> wrote:
>I have a large alignment (~470 taxa) which I have bootstrapped 1K times
>and made NJ trees, using PHYLIP.  The PHYLIP program "consense" crashes
>when trying to produce a consensus tree from this data. 

Something to try:

(1)  Does it work with just a few trees?  If not, there's probably
a real bug, but if it does work--

(2)  Can you assign it more memory, or run it on a computer with more
memory?  Most PHYLIP programs tend to crash uninformatively when they
run out.

If you have no way to test this locally, you could mail your trees
to me and I'll give them a try here:  just bought a lot of RAM for
this machine....

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at

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