Bootstrap trees and PAUP

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Sun May 23 12:51:44 EST 1999

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Mark Dowton  <Mark_Dowton at> wrote:
>... One problem with this is that if some replicates
>generate many equally parsimonious trees (say 100), while others only
>generate a single (or a few) most parsimonious tree(s), the maj. rule tree
>will be overly influenced by those replicates in which many equally
>parsimonious trees are found.
>I was under the impression that this was also a problem (although
>admittedly minor in most cases) with the bootstrap tree, but a friend
>tells me that the PAUP bootstrap tree corrects this.  Is this the case?

I am virtually certain that PAUP corrects for this (I know that PHYLIP
does too).  One counts the trees when there are 100 of them as 0.01 of
a tree each, in doing the consensus tree.

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