Peter Palenchar pmp at UDel.Edu
Fri Dec 8 18:22:06 EST 2000

	 I am a biochemist and I work with a protein that occurs only in
prokaryotes.  For bacteria that are proteobacteria in the gamma
subdivision where there it is sequence information availible the protein
contains a C-terminal extension when compared to other orthologs.  We have
shown that C-terminal extension is functionally important in the bacteria
that have it and hypothosized that there is a seperate protein that
fullfills the same role in other bacteria.
	Now an archaea, T. acidophilum, has been sequenced that contains
the C-terminal extension.  In general the archaea orthologs look more like
some of the gamma subdivision orthologs than some of the other eubacteria
	I always thought that all the eubacteria were more closely related
to each other than any archae.  Is that wrong?  Is there any evolutionary
significance to the way these sequences look?  Does this kind of thing
happen often?

				Peter Palenchar


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